HARMONY Harmony is a sophisticated and stylish throw made from Fine Pure Merino Virgin Wool. Its jacquard pattern combines a floral motif with a fishbone motif. Its modern design makes this throw perfectly suited as a décor element, draped on a lounge chair or on a sofa. FIORE Fiore is the quintessential décor throw: beautiful, elegant, and available in a variety of various tones, it enriches your home with its unmistakable style. SORRENTO Sorrento is where the magic of linen meets the inherent modesty of cotton. Designed specifically for summer, its soft magic caresses your skin on any occasion (both indoors and outdoors). Its délavé tones give a discrete vintage style to the ambience of your home, especially your holiday house at the sea-side or on a lake.
DOVER Dover is a modern and innovative throw with a very particular knitted textured structure. The colour nuances of its hem add to its overall, unmistakeable elegance. VOILE Voile is a throw made from a Merino Virgin Wool Blend and features a refined and elegant style. Specifically designed as a décor element for an urbane and minimalist environment, it gives a touch of exclusiveness to your sofa or lounge chair. PORTOFINO Portofino throw.
IRIS Iris throw. GIGLIO Giglio is a throw made from Superfine Pure Merino Virgin Wool and features a youthful and dynamic style. Its colours are inspired by the tones of pristine Nature. A discrete jacquard effect is visible in the background pattern and is elegantly combined with a colour-contrasting large-square structure. BALTIMORA Baltimora throw.